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MidWest PHTA Chapter's Ethics & Membership

One of the purposes of the MidWest PHTA Chapter is to give end users, pool & spa customers, a place to go to if they have a complaint or concern with a local PHTA member. The member's of the APSP, countrywide, are held to a higher standard and must adhere to a standard of codes & ethics that others in the industry choose not to adhere to.  


The MidWest Chapter's ethics and membership is handled primarily by the secretary of the chapter.  The secretary can help local members gather information, join committees, enter awards, register for events . . . 

Members should contact the Secretary as a 1st point of contact if they have any questions related to the MidWest PHTA Chapter.


The MidWest Chapter of the PHTA is only as good as it's members, so please contact the Secretary with any questions or concerns you might have.


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