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PHTA Midwest Chapter's

Gold Standard of Excellence

Custom Inground Spa Award

Our Gold Standard of Excellence design and construction awards were developed with an interest in showcasing beautiful and creative projects, built by PHTA member companies that adhere to accepted construction methods and PHTA standards.   Projects must have a certain level of aesthetic appeal, but our focus is not only on beauty, but also on integrity and adherence to standards that can often be overlooked by non PHTA members.  The goal of this award is to promote well built, attractive, PHTA member projects, whether they are $5,000 projects or $500,000 projects.

Entries to our Gold Standard of Excellence Award Contest can be submitted online at

Project submissions are easily entered through our online entry system, which allows entrants to stop and resume entries so that they can compile more pictures or information at a later date.

Scoring for the Gold Standard of Excellence Custom Inground Spa Award is based on three categories as follows:


Equipment (0 - 1 Point Each, Yes or No Questions)

Entries must achieve 3 out of 5 in the equipment category to be considered for an award

  • Does the equipment look professionally installed - pipes level?

  • Are the pipes clearly labeled?

  • Is there adequate access for servicing the equipment?

  • Are there valves for servicing the equipment?

  • Does the equipment appear hydraulically sound - straight pipe for 4x pipe diameter on suction side on pump, minimal elbows?

Workmanship (0 - 1 Point Each, Yes or No Questions)

  • ​Does the spa appear to be level?

  • Do the coping, tile or waterline edges appear to be straight and true?

  • Is the deck even and without imperfections?

Beauty & Integration (0-3 Points each)

  • ​How well does the spa feel like it belongs in the setting?

  • How well do the materials used on the project compliment the home or surroundings?

  • How well does the size and shape of the spa fit with the surrounding area?

  • How unique is the installation?

Projects that achieve 13 out of the total possible 20 points will earn the Gold Standard of Excellence Award and will receive:

  • A Gold Standard of Excellence Award Plaque - proudly display your projects in your business!  The plaque will contain a picture of the project, our Gold Standard of Excellence logo, and the entrant's company name.  

  • Customizable press release - send it to your local papers, use it on social media and your websites.

  • Permission to use the Gold standard of Excellence Award logo - Our recognizable logo will contain the year of your award, and winners are allowed to use it anywhere from their website, social media, it can be used for  making customized vinyl decals for your windows and vehicles, adding it to business cards and more.

  • Award winners will be promoted through the PHTA Midwest Chapter's website, social media and other marketing efforts.  Share our Facebook posts to your own Facebook page to let your followers know that you are a high quality, PHTA award winning pool and spa company!

Entries to our Gold Standard of Excellence Award Contest can be submitted online at

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