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PHTA Midwest Chapter Volunteer Information

The PHTA Midwest Chapter is run by dedicated volunteers that make up independent manufacturers, distributors, swimming pool builders, retailers, landscapers and service companies for the Pool & Spa community.  The chapter is always looking for volunteers to help on the chapter in any capacity.  

The PHTA Midwest Chapter stops meeting in April and resumes again in August to avoid disrupting your busy season activities.  It takes time to ramp up your involvement so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start helping other volunteers improve our industry.


The chapter is organized in the following manner.


  • Board of Directors (Serve 3 Year Terms)

    • 12 Members 

  • Officers (Serve 1 Year Terms)

    • Must be Directors

    • President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

  • Committee Chairperson 

    • Only Directors are able to be Chairperson

    • Chairperson Runs & Manages Committee

  • Committee Volunteer 

    • Can Volunteer on 1 or more Committees​

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