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MidWest PHTA Chapter's Awards

The PHTA MidWest Chapter award's team is always busy updating and fine tuning the process for our members. The design committee has come along way from judging physical pictures to having everything automated online.  In addition to having everything online, they have also redeveloped how awards are given out.  The PHTA Midwest Chapter doesn't give awards based on beauty alone, but rather each construction entry must past a vetting process that adheres to the PHTA code of standards & give proof of proper hydraulics, construction standards & national electrical codes.


All service awards are now handled by a 3rd party company call Guild Quality to handle all of our service awards.  The questions that are asked of Guild Quality are specific to that award.


Please email all questions and comments to us that you might have to help us improve the awards that are run by the MidWest PHTA Chapter.


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