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PHTA Midwest Chapter's

Retail Excellence

Retail Store Award

Our Retail Excellence retail store award was developed with an interest in showcasing PHTA member retail stores who are leaders in the industry.  

Entries to our Retailers of Excellence Award Contest can be submitted online at

Scoring for the Retail Excellence Award is based on the following:

The following nine questions will be Yes or No questions, scoring 1 point for each Yes or 0 points for each No – photographic evidence supporting each question’s response will be required;

  • Is the store a permanent retail location?

  • Does the store have a professional water lab?

  • Does the store have a website that is up to date, engaging and easy to navigate?

  • Is the website ‘Mobile Ready’ in a format that is up to date, engaging and easy to navigate?

  • Is the store’s contact information easy to find on their website?

  • Are the store’s Big Ticket displays professional?

  • Are the store’s Chemical displays professional?

  • Provide one additional display that you feel professionally represents your store.  Is this display professional?

  • Does your store act as a Good Corporate Citizen, by sharing in its success through support of your community?  Provide an explanation of what your store does to help the community. Photographic evidence is helpful for this question, but not required.


Each of the following areas will be judged on a scale of 0 to 3.  A score of 0 will indicate that the store does not reflect that area in a professional manner and a score of 3 will indicate that the store reflects professionalism at a very high level  – photographs of each area of your store will be required;

  • Are the Cash Register area(s) professional?

  • Is the store well stocked?

  • Is there signage in the store that is helpful to customers, promotes products and, if appropriate, provides directions to various areas of the store, such as parts counters, water lab, registers, etc.?


Explain your method(s) of employee training (0-3 points total for this section).

Submit one marketing effort that your store has that you feel provides valuable information for your existing and potential customers (0-3 points total for this section).

Retail store entries achieving 17 out of the Total Possible 24 points will earn the Gold Standard of Excellence Award

  • Customizable press release - send it to your local papers, use it on social media and your websites.

  • Permission to use the Retail Excellence Award logo - Our recognizable logo will contain the year of your award, and winners are allowed to use it anywhere from their website, social media, it can be used for  making customized vinyl decals for your windows and vehicles, adding it to business cards and more.

  • Award winners will be promoted through the PHTA Midwest Chapter's website, social media and other marketing efforts.  Share our Facebook posts to your own Facebook page to let your followers know that you are a high quality, PHTA award winning pool and spa company!

Entries to our Retail Excellence Award Contest can be submitted online at

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