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Professional Pool and Spa Operator Commercial Certification (PPSO) Hybrid Training

March 7th

Lunch on March 7th is included.

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino - 1721 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 (800) 729-7244


Hotel rooms are available by contacting Potawatomi at 1-800-PAYSBIG or online at

A limited number of rooms are available for $99 per night plus applicable taxes by mentioning this event when calling, or by using the 'Group code' APS02252019 online.

Hybrid PPSO Certification = PPSO self-paced + one day class with certification exam This is a great and alternative solution offered by APSP that combines the self-paced PPSO plus a one day face-to-face class that includes the certification exam. As with many other subjects, e-learning provides a great solution as students can study at their own pace, in their own time.

Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO) as a Self-paced course This dynamic course takes the student through the Professional Pool and Spa Operator Manual and gives students what they need to know to conform to commercial sector standards.


After completing this course the student will have gained a strong understanding of Safety, Basic Water Chemistry, Pool Circulation and Filtration, Pool and Spa Maintenance, and Water Quality; learned about other important topics such as, record keeping, basic pool math calculations, contamination procedures; water testing, and routine and preventive maintenance, and earned a name for yourself in the commercial pool industry.


Successful students that complete the course and successfully pass the online course exam earn a Record of Achievement, which the student can print. After completing the course, the self-paced Professional Pool and Spa Operator Course continues available to the student for future review for three months.

Students desiring to earn a PPSO certification via the Hybrid path, must complete the PPSO Self-Paced online course and present the Record of Achievement to the Instructor before beginning the class, successfully complete the class, and take and successfully pass the certification exam.

Who Should Attend

The PPSO is a course for those new to the commercial pool and spa industry or are working as a commercial pool and spa operator and wish to gain their PPSO certification., but it's also a great course for those who are new to the industry!


Registrants for the course receive a copy of the APSP Professional Pool and Spa Manual.

To become certified as a PPSO Certified Pool and Spa Operator, you must complete both the online and in person portions of the PPSO Course, and take the PPSO Exam. The PPSO exam is a 2 hour long, open book exam with 150 multiple choice questions. You must score 75% or better to pass (answering at least 113 questions correctly).


The PPSO Certification Exam will be administered the last two hours of the course. Tests will be evaluated by the National APSP and results mailed to students directly from the National APSP approximately 4 weeks after completing the test.

PPSO Certification is a 5 year certification and is accepted in the state of Wisconsin as well as Cook County Illinois.  Local Wisconsin codes will be covered and students will be instructed where to find Illinois codes for reference.

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