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2017 Superior Service Award Contest Entry

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Your APSP Midwest Chapter has teamed up with GuildQuality, the industry leader in customer satisfaction online surveys.

Our 2017 contest will accept entries from July 1 through September 22, so gather your client list, purchase an entry and see how well you measure up!

After purchasing an entry to our Superior Service Award Contest, GuildQualitty will contact you to obtain contact information for 50 of your clients, who they will survey. Through their surveys, your customers will rate your company in areas of expertise such as:

  • Knowledge - (Company) had the necessary expertise to effectively service my pool or spa?
  • Professional & Organized - (Company) is organized and professional. Communication - The staff at (Company) communicates with me effectively.
  • Problem Resolution - The staff at (Company) addresses and resolves problems effectively.
  • Installation Crew - The (Company) installation crew was organized and professional.
  • Quality Of Materials - I am satisfied with the quality of materials used.
  • Quality Of Workmanship - I am satisfied with the quality of the workmanship.
  • Clean & Safe - (Company) leaves their work site clean and safe.
  • Work Done Right - My work was done right the first time.
  • Schedule - (Company) adhered to our agreed upon schedule.
  • Value - I feel I am receiving a fair value for my money.
  • Employees Professionalism - The employees of (Company) are professional and courteous.
  • Trust - I trust (Company) to follow through on commitments.
  • Overall Experience - (Company) delivers an exceptional customer experience.
  • Likely To Recommend - I am likely to recommend (Company) to a friend.

After GuildQuality compiles their data and forwards it to your APSP Midwest chapter Board of Directors, Gold Standard of Excellence Award will be given to all companies who score above the average score of all entered companies, with one Best of Show acknowledgement given to the highest rated company as determined by GuildQuality!

Press releases as well as use of the 2017 Gold Standard of Excellence Award logo will also be given to each winning company. Great to use on your website, in print or through social media!

Show your clients that you've got what it takes! Enter our Gold Standard of Excellence contest today!

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